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The Service Component

The Service Component at TCC is an opportunity for the students to apply gospel values to their daily lives. The component is revised from time to time, pursuant to the teachings of the church and the changing needs of the community and the broader society… All students are required to complete the TCC School Service Component. (TCC Saints Handbook, 2012)

The Service Component of the TCC curriculum requires the following of every student:

1. Completion of the Service Learning Module

2. Satisfying the School Service requirement

  • Seventh Graders: 10 hours of School Service
  • Eighth Graders: 10 hours of School Service and completion of the Confirmation service requirements of the parish. IF no such requirement exists, the student must provide 10 hours of service to one's church. 
  • Grades 9-­‐12: 10 hours per year of School Service

School Service is defined as assisting with projects, fundraisers and special events sponsored by TCC and its organizations, such as the Booster and Saints Clubs, in a service and support capacity, outside of the school day. In extraordinary circumstances, a special exception may be made for a student performing service during school hours that requires the student to spend extended time after school to make up missed work. Service time may also be used in support of special events at Immaculate Conception and Central Catholic Elementary, if approved.

School Service hours must be completed by May 15th of each school year. Hours completed over the summer will count toward the following year.

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